first_imgBritish Telecom (BT), the London-based telecommunications company, has filed a lawsuit against Google that claims infringement of 6 patents. This is a big deal for both companies as the lawsuit lists just about every major service Google offers as well as Android as the products that infringe these patents.The patents in question are:6,151,309 – Service provision system for communications networks6,169,515 – Navigation information system6,397,040 – Telecommunications apparatus and method6,578,079 – Communications node for providing network based information service6,650,284 – Information system6,826,598 – Storage and retrieval of location based information in a distributed network of data storage devices.As you can see from the list above, these are very general and broad patents. It is therefore unsurprising to find BT claiming the infringement by Google is across many of its services and products. Listed in the complaint are the following Google properties:Google MapsGoogle Maps NavigationAndroidAndroid MarketGoogle SearchGoogle PlacesGoogle OffersGoogle+Google BooksGoogle MusicGoogle DocsGmailBT filed its complaint on Thursday and is seeking damages for deliberate infringement. It wants an injunction against Google and therefore all the service that infringe. If such an injunction was allowed it would pretty much take Google offline, but I can’t see that happening.The complaint also suggests BT has been attempting to get Google to pay license fees, but clearly that didn’t work otherwise the lawsuit would never have been filed.Google certainly has the money to fight this lawsuit, but BT must feel quite confident to start what is inevitably going to be quite an expensive battle in the courts.More at FOSS Patentslast_img

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