Weird Wide Web 3D photos hearts on your sleeve and some shocking

first_imgWELCOME TO THE WEIRD Wide Web – where we take a look at the week’s best offerings in tech and social media news.Shocking underwear of the weekFollowing the spate of gang-rape cases reported in India recently, engineering students in the country have created “anti-rape underwear” that can shock attackers. The device, which has a circuit near the bosom, also has GPS and GSM modules attached.(Image: Techpedia)Heart on your sleeve gadget of the weekThe folks at LinkMe have come up with a subtle way for you to keep on top of your messages without constantly checking your phone, tablet or computer screen. The LinkMe bracelet (which is actually quite stylish) can be programmed so that you always receive the messages from the people who are most important.(Watch the full video)3D camera of the week(Image: Heriot Watt University)A team of Scottish scientists have advanced laser technology so that high-resolution, 3D images precise to the millimetre can be taken from up to a kilometre away, BBC reports. However it is unable to detect human skin so all you have to do to evade the clever camera is don your birthday suit.Futuristic hotel of the weekThis snazzy new hotel in London is controlled entirely by tablets, Business Insider reports. Guests check themselves in and out on touch computer screens with tablets in every room so they can control everything from the blinds to the lighting.(Image: CitizenM)Social petwork of the weekYes, we said ‘social petwork’. It was bound to happen, so let’s all just embrace it, shall we? My Social Petwork was launched this week, allowing pet owners (or just some really clever animals) to create profiles with news, photos and videos. The most popular pets make it onto the homepage and charities are already capitalising on the idea by using it to find new homes for abandoned pets, Telegraph reports.(Image: My Social Petwork)Read all previous Weird Wide Webs>last_img read more

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