Chromebooks just outsold Macbooks for the first time

first_imgMacbooks may be sleek and sexy, but they’re not moving as fast as the competition any more. They’ve been surpassed by Chromebooks for the first time ever.According to IDC latest report on the state of the PC business, Chromebook shipments surpassed Macbook shipments for the first time ever. IDC analyst Linn Huang confirmed to The Verge that the pegged Apple’s shipments for the first quarter of 2016 at around 1.78 million. Total Chromebook shipments clocked in at nearly two million.It’s not exactly an apple-to-apples comparison, of course, because most Chromebooks sell for a whole lot less money than even the cheapest Macbook. Their users also tend not to be very concerned with running native apps like iTunes on their computers (at least their portable ones). There’s also more than one company churning out Chromebooks: Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Google themselves. Really, at this point it’s pretty much just Apple and Microsoft who aren’t making Chromebooks.To some, like our own editor James, Chromebooks are still a bit like Bigfoot. You hear lots of stories, but you’ve never actually seen one in the wild. They’re obviously popping up somewhere, though, if IDC’s figures are anywhere close to being accurate. Schools continue snapping them up in bulk because they’re cheap, easy to manage, and it’s really, really unlikely that they’re going to get infected with any kind of malware.IDC’s next report will be particularly interesting to see. Now that Google has announced that Chromebooks will soon have access to all the apps in Google Play, they’re going to become an even more attractive option for laptop shoppers.last_img read more

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