Holy Memories Monday DIY Smartwatch Runs Windows 98

first_img One man’s 1990s PC operating system trash is another man’s wearable treasure.Electronics designer Michael Darby built a Windows 98-powered smartwatch using a Raspberry Pi and 2.4-inch touch screen.“I have always had somewhat of a soft spot for Windows 98, despite it driving me insane back in the day on my old Pentium II system with 64MB RAM and using some God-awful on-board graphics,” he wrote in a recent blog post.“But these days I don’t HAVE to suffer it as my only source of computing, which somehow makes me want to go back and use it.”Using a 320-by-240-pixel TFT display and Raspberry Pi Model A+, Darby attached a case, on/off switch, and PowerBoost 500 power supply with ease. After all, this wasn’t his first single-board-computer rodeo—”so the hardware side was relatively painless,” he bragged.Not up to Darby’s speed? Check out some online tutorials available from Adafruit and GitHub.Michael Darby/314reactorThe “complex part,” according to Darby, is machine emulation; the designer employed the generic and open-source QEMU virtualizer, before putting on the finishing touches.“After FOREVER loading it [the smartwatch] will eventually load up Windows 98 and be ‘usable,’ he explained, adding that the device is “super slow.”In terms of convenience, you may just want to shell out the hard-earned cash for an Apple Watch or Android Wear gadget, instead. But, you’ll have to live without the sense of smugness earned by playing Minesweeper or watching the Flying Windows screensaver on your wrist.Darby’s previous Raspberry Pi exploits include an Arc Raspberry—an Arc Reactor-like device that shares GPS coordinates via colors and voice, with room for artificial intelligence and chat-bot capability. And the PiGlass, because “what would be cooler than a Raspberry Pi attaches to a pair of glasses that can show sensor data to the wearer’s eye?”His next project: a robotic skull that moves it “eye,” records faces, recognizes speech and talks to people.Get your own Raspberry Pi here from Amazon. Stay on target Lyra Is a Handheld Gaming System Powered by a Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Used to Steal 500 MB of NASA Data last_img read more

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