Vermont Telecom Authority seeks public comment on broadband and fiber

first_imgThe Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) is seeking public input on issues affecting high-speed internet coverage in Vermont, and how the VTA can best support broadband expansion using state funds appropriated in its FY2012 capital appropriation.  In addition to comments related to broadband generally, comments specifically on expansion of fiber optic facilities are also being solicited. The state has a goal of statewide cellular and broadband availability by the end of 2013, and the state authority that is charged with making investments of state dollars to help achieve this goal is the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA). The Legislature recently passed the 2012-2013 Capital Bill which provided the VTA with $10 million to advance both cellular and broadband infrastructure. The Vermont legislature authorized the VTA to build infrastructure which supports the expansion of broadband, such as towers for use by wireless broadband providers or fiber optic cable capable of directly connecting subscriber locations (’last-mile’ facilities)  as well as connecting local broadband and cellular network facilities to regional hubs (’middle mile’ facilities).  This Request for Public Comment requests input into the process of selecting infrastructure investments, especially selecting fiber optic projects to be built by the VTA.  Comments must be received by October 6, 2011 and can be submitted online at is external). The VTA invites the general public, industry representatives, local government, regional planning and economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, businesses and business organizations, and anyone else interested in the expansion of broadband services and fiber optic infrastructure in Vermont to comment on the topics and questions contained herein. While broadband service is provided by both public and private entities in Vermont, the VTA, through this comment process seeks to identify the optimal framework and locations for the development of infrastructure that supports and grows Vermont’s economy over the long term.  VTA 9.9.2011last_img read more

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