FL’s $15 Minimum Wage Initiative Gets Ballot Support

first_imgA proposed amendment that seeks to gradually increase Florida’s minimum wage from $8.46 to $15 an hour has earned the required number of petition signatures to get on the November 2020 ballot.The political committee “Florida for a Fair Wage,” which is led by Orlando attorney John Moran, submitted 766,380 valid signatures to the state last Wednesday. That exceeds the required number by 180 signatures, according to the state Division of Elections website.The next step is for the Florida Supreme Court to sign off on the wording of the proposed amendment. If that happens, the measure would then be eligible to go on the ballot. Sixty percent of voters would need to support the amendment for it to pass.The amendment would increase the state’s minimum wage to $10 an hour on September 30, 2021, with an additional $1 increase each year until it hits $15 an hour on September 30, 2026.Governor Ron DeSantis reiterated last Tuesday that he opposes the measure, as he has business interests in the state.last_img

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