Florida man becomes trapped in store after trying to steal a Pepsi

first_imgA Polk County man is now behind bars after he attempted to steal a Pepsi from a convenience store and became trapped inside the establishment by the clerk.The incident occurred last week at a convenience store in Mulberry, Florida.According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect 49-year-old Gabriel Tillman, walked into the store, grabbed a the drink and attempted to leave without purchasing it. A quick acting clerk, however, remotely locked the doors of the store and prevented Tillman from leaving.Instead of admitting defeat, surveillance video shows Tillman hip checking and bull rushing the door repeatedly in an attempt to get out before picking up a fire extinguisher and trying to use that to break down the door. Eventually the clerk released the doors and Tillman fled the scene.Authorities were able to locate Tillman two blocks away drinking the stolen Pepsi. He was then arrested and taken to the Polk County jail on theft charges.last_img

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