Blame Evolution

first_imgMen can’t help themselves.  Evolution made them that way.  That’s the gist of a science story on ABC news.  Accompanied with a picture of rebel without a cause James Dean, it begins, “Research shows that simply being male means you’re more likely to die as a young adult.  Why?  Blame evolution…and pursuit of the opposite sex.”  Writer Amanda Onion cites evolutionary sources to say that evolution has programmed men to compete for access to females and that causes them to live on the edge and die young.    Another ABC News story explores whether violence in society is increased when there is a surplus of unmated males.Do you see society becoming more selfish and irresponsible?  Do you see people giving themselves over to lust and passion with utter disregard for the consequences?  Do you see more mindless drivel in the arts and entertainment, less nobility of character and more immediate gratification?  Do you see the downfall of a once noble cultural heritage?  Blame evolution.    Isn’t this just like the Darwin Party to blame everything but their own theory on our animal past.  Terrorism is caused by a surplus of males, right.  Give me a break.  There were male surpluses in the gold rush and Alaska without it forcing men to fly planes into buildings.  Darwinians never focus on the lies and bad teachings that cause men to do evil things; they want to reduce male behavior to hormonal pressures controlled by instincts inherited from ape ancestry.  This self-refuting approach would undermine their own theorizing if they really applied it consistently.    Darwinian evolution, called by Michael Denton the great cosmogenic myth of the twentieth century, is another excuse men use to act like louts and brutes.  You would think feminists would rise up and fight this myth, but they reinforce it by swallowing the Darwin Party line themselves (see 03/31/2004 headline).  The news media, gutless and senseless, chirp it out like cuckoo clocks.  Darwinism isn’t science; it is just another subterfuge men use to shirk responsibility.  Instead of the devil made me do it, or the stars made me do it, it’s Charlie made me do it: blame evolution.  Wives, fight back.  Tell him he didn’t evolve, he was created to be holy and faithful.    Just as it is a non-sequitur to watch animals and claim we evolved from them, it is a non-sequitur to observe animal sexual behaviors and claim we should imitate them.  You can find any pattern you want in the animal kingdom, from profligate promiscuity to monogamous faithfulness, from sexes that are indistinguishable to extreme sexual dimorphism, from nurturing male seahorses and emperor penguins to rams that bang their heads together to impress the ewes.  So what?  We are humans.    The Creator made animals and plants as He pleased, with extremes of variety and color in both physiology and behavior.  But He made man in His own image* to bear a special relationship to Him and to reflect His holiness.  He endowed men and women with physical bodies sharing most animal characteristics, including glands, hormones, and reproductive organs for the purpose and blessing of bearing children and experiencing intimate love and pleasure.  Viewed in this way, it should not be surprising that men and women have different attributes, roles, strengths, and weaknesses.  What use is testosterone without a body to respond to it?  Pour it on a rock and nothing happens.  It cannot be understood in isolation; it’s part of a system; it signals the male physiology to be ready for a man to be all God created him to be.  It’s not the problem; it is a gift, to be channeled and used for good.    If you accept the Darwin Party line, then abandon hope of putting any restraints on male sexuality, even criminal activity, because the perpetrator can turn around and say “Blame evolution.”  The consequences of unbridled lust sanctioned by Darwinism, including the victimization of women and children, has only to be imagined to be abhorred.**  But human sexuality, viewed as designed by a loving and wise God, becomes a beautiful thing.  It gives nobility and purpose to masculinity and femininity.  In a sin-cursed world, coordinating these roles gets sometimes challenging, sometimes entertaining, but human sexuality in the creation worldview is fundamentally respectable and honorable, imbued simultaneously with pleasure and responsibility.  Blame evolution?  No; praise God.    Evolution rationalizes the basest of instincts; Christianity stimulates the noblest of endeavors.  Men, get out there and use that God-given testosterone to work out, build bridges, fight evil, rescue the perishing, lead the family, teach, work, think, create, and love.  If you fall into the trap of selfish lust, you have no one to blame but yourself. *Before godly masculinity or femininity can be exercised, the image of God must be regenerated.  Read Titus 3:3-8.**Abhorrence of evil is a signal of conscience – a trademark of the image of God – and a feature inexplicable by evolution.(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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