Neanderthal: Am I My Sequencer’s Brother?

first_imgAssociated Press reported a two-year initiative to sequence the Neanderthal genome (see MSNBC News, and also a separate report on [email protected]).  A progressive creationist society headed by Dr. Hugh Ross, Reasons to Believe, is predicting the results “will show Neanderthals did not evolve into modern humans.” RTB has long contended that Neanderthal Man had nothing to do with the original Adam and Eve.  According to the RTB article, only about 0.03% of Neanderthal DNA has been sequenced so far.  Comparisons to date show Neanderthal distinctives yet some overlap with modern human DNA – yet too little data to establish the amount of relatedness.  “There are no firm answers yet about how humans picked up key traits such as walking upright and developing complex language,” according to the AP article; ”Neanderthals are believed to have been relatively sophisticated, but lacking in humans’ higher reasoning functions.”Of course the Neanderthals don’t believe they are lacking in higher reasoning functions, because they were not invited to the panel.    For a contrasting view of Neanderthal place in a Biblical history, see Answers in Genesis.  For earlier entries here on Neanderthal comparisons with modern man, see 06/06/2006, 02/27/2006, 01/24/2006, 09/23/2005, 05/19/2005, 02/25/2005 and 10/01/2004, or search for Neanderthal or Neandertal in the search box above.(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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