Nova Scotia Officially Goes SmokeFree

first_imgNova Scotians will no longer have to breathe second-hand smoke in public places. As of today, Dec. 1, smoking is officially banned in all indoor public areas, workplaces, and outdoor eating and drinking establishments in Nova Scotia. “It’s been a long journey to this day but well worth every step. Government has done the right thing in the interests of the health of all Nova Scotians,” said Premier Rodney MacDonald. Barry Barnet, Minister of Health Promotion and Protection said today is a milestone to be celebrated. “Today is a major step forward in the protection of the health and safety of Nova Scotians,” said Mr. Barnet. “Smoking rates among our youth are at an all-time low of 13 per cent. Research shows us that removing smoking from public places discourages young people from starting. “This is a key part of our overall tobacco reduction strategy.” Smoking rates have been reduced to 21 per cent in 2005 from a national high of 30 per cent in 2001. “I would like to applaud Nova Scotia for its efforts in protecting Canadians from exposure to second-hand smoke,” said federal Health Minister Tony Clement. “The harmful health effects of second-hand smoke are well known and can no longer be ignored.” Maureen Summers, executive director for the Nova Scotia division of the Canadian Cancer Society, thanked the government for strengthening the legislation. “All Nova Scotians are now getting the protection they deserve,” Ms. Summers said. “This legislation will eliminate the toxic effects of second-hand smoke in public places.” The amendments to the Smoke-Free Places Act were made in response to the many Nova Scotians who asked for a complete smoking ban in public places and workplaces. “Nova Scotians have made it clear that they want the ability to go to work and go out with friends and family to public places without having to deal with the harmful effects of tobacco smoke,” said Mr. Barnet. “Today, Nova Scotia has the toughest anti-smoking legislation in the country, and we are one step closer in making Nova Scotia the healthiest province in the country.” For more information on the amendments to the Smoke-Free Places Act visit www.sickofsmoke.comlast_img

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