Al Hoceima Crown Prosecutor Rejects Rumors Surrounding Rif Activists Death

Rabat – The Crown Prosecutor in Al Hoceima has moved to dispel rumors regarding the death of Rif activist Najim Abdouni.Abdouni died on Thursday at the Mohammed V hospital in Al Hoceima where he was taken after receiving a head injury, according to media reports.Some online media outlets claimed Abdouni died in “unclear” circumstances, adding that he had been hit on the head and that his family had called for an investigation into his death. In a statement, the Crown Prosecutor said “this was not true,” writing that Abdouni had fallen from the roof of his house. It further noted that Abouni’s son himself had not questioned the fact that the incident was an accident.Still, the release stated that an investigation has been opened to establish the truth of the incident. The death of Abdouni occurred only two days after the death of Imad El Attabi, the activist who was hit in the head during the July 20 march in Al Hoceima.For almost two weeks before his death, El Attabi had been lying in coma in Rabat’s military hospital. Amid claims the 25-year-old had been struck by a tear gas canister, police denied he had been injured by the police intervention, stating he had been hit by rocks thrown by other protesters.On Wednesday, emotion ran high in Casablanca as protesters gathered in mourning.

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