Human rights tribunal resumes hearings on First Nations child and family servicesHuman rights tribunal resumes hearings on First Nations child and family services

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe human rights case against the federal government resumed this week with a history lesson on Indian Residential Schools.The child welfare case resumed with testimony from a well-known historian, professor and author.John Milloy provided the tribunal with an historical road map of the policies and roles of the federal government.The expert witness is scheduled to be on the stand all week.His testimony will cover the establishment of Indian Residential Schools and the transition to placing Aboriginal children into the child welfare system.last_img

MPs continue to put pressure on Nunavut MP Leona AglukkaqMPs continue to put pressure on Nunavut MP Leona Aglukkaq

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe federal environment minister has been in the hot seat for days over the Nutrition North program.The criticism continued Thursday in the House of Commons.The time MPs were going after Leona Aglukkaq’s record on the environment.Then they circled back to Nutrition North.APTN’s Annette Francis explains it’s not the first time controversy hounded Aglukkaq.last_img

NDP government would apply UNDRIP invest 18 billion in First Nation educationNDP government would apply UNDRIP invest 18 billion in First Nation education

first_imgAPTN National NewsENOCH, Alta.—An NDP government would invest $1.8 billion new dollars for First Nations education and ensure all federal government decision respect treaty rights, inherent rights and the principles in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the party’s leader Thomas Mulcair said Wednesday.Mulcair unveiled his party’s Indigenous issues platform at the River Cree Resort in Enoch, Alta., during an Assembly of First Nations open forum on First Nation issues.The NDP is the only party with a full platform on promises for Indigenous communities and people.The party released its northern platform Tuesday which promises to add 50 communities to the Nutrition North program, which aims to reduce the cost of health foods in Northern communities. The party is putting $32 million toward the program.The AFN invited all party leaders to the forum, but only Mulcair showed up. The Liberals sent their Aboriginal affairs critic Carolyn Bennett.The NDP, which is currently trailing behind the Conservatives and Liberals in recent polls, said it would invest $1.8 billion into First Nations education over the next four years and $8.4 billion over the eight years as a result of an annual escalator.An NDP government would create a cabinet committee, chaired by the prime minister, to focus specifically on First Nation issues to ensure all government decision respect treaty rights, inherent rights and UNDRIP principles.The party re-announced its commitment to hold a public inquiry into the high number of murdered and missing Indigenous women within its first 100 days in power. The NDP is putting $50 million toward holding the inquiry.The NDP is promising $68 million to revitalize Indigenous languages and $8 million for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation which will hold Indian residential school documents and survivor testimonies gathered by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.The party is promising to remove the two per cent funding cap on social transfers to First Nations  along with investing $375 million in new dollars targeting housing, schools and clean water over four years. The NDP is also aiming to strike a housing agreement with First Nations that could see it draw from the $2.7 billion fund the party would create for affordable housing.Infrastructure on reserves could also see a $96 million in funding over four years and $800 million over 20 years.The NDP would put $5 million a year for a suicide prevention strategy as part of a $100 million mental health innovation fund for children and youth. It will also put $20 million toward a national diabetes read more

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau tonight on APTNs virtual town hallLiberal leader Justin Trudeau tonight on APTNs virtual town hall

first_imgAPTN National NewsConservative leader Stephen Harper is the only one of the four main federal party leaders to refuse to participate in the virtual town hall which runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.The Conservative campaign did not respond to APTN’s invitation to take part in the event that will see federal party leaders answer pre-taped questions from Indigenous people from across the country.APTN anchor Cheryl McKenzie will host the town halls. The virtual town hall with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is scheduled to air Wednesday and the town hall with NDP leader Thomas Mulcair will air Thursday. Green leader Elizabeth May’s town hall aired Tuesday.The town halls will also be livestreamed via APTN’s news website.Harper never agreed to an interview with APTN despite repeated requests throughout his nine years in power.last_img read more

Travelling the pipeline and the end of the roadTravelling the pipeline and the end of the road

first_imgLucy ScholeyAPTN NewsOn a sunny morning in Enoch Cree Nation, a steady stream of cars pull through the community’s gas station, filling up for $131.5 a litre.“That’s awful,” says a young man, eyeing the price. “It’s only gonna get higher.”The community west of Edmonton, near the heart of Alberta’s oil industry, is one of 43 First Nation and Metis communities that has signed a mutual benefit agreement to twin the existing Trans Mountain pipeline to Burnaby, B.C.The project has divided Indigenous communities along the route, but this young man is indifferent – except when it comes to gas prices.He’s not the only one with oil on the mind.Down the road at the community’s band office, Roger Buck makes the case for Kinder Morgan’s $7.4-billion project.“In my opinion, the pipeline has to go,” says Buck. “It’s essential – not only for Alberta but for the rest of Canada.”Roger Buck, of Enoch Cree Nation, says he’s in favour of the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Lucy Scholey/APTNAPTN drove the 1,150-kilometre pipeline route during the heat of the pipeline debate – a Prime Minister exploring every financial or legislative means to push it through, two premiers waging political war and several legal challenges against the project – all with Kinder Morgan’s May 31 deadline to come to an agreement.But APTN wanted to meet with community members who will be directly impacted by the pipeline route.The trip started at the gates of Kinder Morgan in Burnaby, where protesters were stationed at Camp Cloud. We documented the arrest of two faith leaders and a salmon ceremony in Cheam First Nation, where the chief prefers the proposed pipeline over rail transportation.We’ve heard concerns about the pipeline’s potential environmental risks if it goes through – and the ongoing lack of resources if it doesn’t.Meanwhile, our Nation to Nation show featured Yale First Nation Chief Ken Hansen who felt financially pressured to sign on with Kinder Morgan and Lower Nicola Chief Aaron Sumexheltza, who has yet to approve a final deal.APTN’s Travelling the Pipeline drive ended at the gates of Kinder Morgan in Edmonton, where security trucks patrolled near our rolling camera.It seems like those living in the wide-open yellow fields of Enoch Cree Nation espouse a different mentality from the anti-pipeline protesters in the coastal mountains.“I started working in the oilfield when I was 16 years old. I’m 45 now,” says Steve Rain, while walking down one of the community’s dusty dirt roads. “That was just our way of life, running equipment. That was our job. If there was no pipeline going on, then we had no jobs, basically, that’s the way it is in Alberta.”Some Enoch members APTN spoke with say they feel torn between environmental concerns and their reliance on the oil industry.Emilie Jackson, who lives near the reserve, says she’s worried about potential oil spills polluting B.C.’s coast – but also worried about people losing jobs.“I disagree with it because I don’t want the forest and the animals, everything, I don’t want none of that ruined,” she says while stopping at the Enoch gas station. “You’re also taking away jobs from transport drivers. They deliver fuel back and forth too, so that’s job losses there.”Meanwhile, federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has proposed a joint B.C., Ottawa panel of scientists to enhance existing research on oil spills.In a letter released Thursday, she says Ottawa has already taken steps to mitigate the damage in the event of a spill, including increased capacity to tow ships and five new emergency response stations, and says she is willing to address some of B.C.’s additional concerns.Eriel Deranger, executive director of Indigenous Climate Action, says she feels “betrayed” by Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who campaigned on the rights of Indigenous people and environmental reform.“Kinder Morgan is literally the complete opposite of all of those things,” she says while sitting in the backyard of her Kenilworth neighbourhood home in Edmonton.“It requires the coercion and intimidation of communities to buy into this project under the auspice that these projects are going to happen, with or without them.”While she’s not proposing anything as radical as shutting down the tar sands, she thinks the country should be shifting away from fossil fuels.“This is a project that would lock the Alberta economy and the national economy into an oil economy past 2030 when we’re supposed to be taking aggressive action on our climate,” she says.“It’s a project that not only threatens climate stabilization and us meeting our targets, but it undermines and diminishes the rights of Indigenous communities.”– with files from The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Indigenous families in BC share vision to end Millennium ScoopIndigenous families in BC share vision to end Millennium Scoop

first_imgDennis WardAPTN NewsThere is an urgent need to shift the child welfare system from being apprehension-based to prevention-focused.That’s the conclusion of a report released on Tuesday by West Coast LEAF, a British Columbia based organization.Indigenous leaders, families, and activists have been advocating for transformative change for decades.Those involved in the new report say it reveals the failures of the government of B.C. to meet it’s obligations to provide adequate, accessible, and culturally safe prevention based supports for Indigenous families.‘Pathways in a forest: Indigenous guidance on prevention-based child welfare’ centres on the voices of 64 caregivers who share their stories of fighting to keep their children out of government care in BC, where Indigenous children are 15 times more likely to enter government care than their non-Indigenous counterparts.As of 2018, there were 6,698 children and youth in care in BC, of whom 4,252 were Indigenous.One in five Indigenous children in the province will come into contact with the child protection system as some stage in their childhood.The 112 page report shares experiences of families disrupted and separated by the child welfare system.Ongoing colonialism, pervasive and systemic racism, and gaps in supports and services that could keep families together are among the harms identified.“Communities and nations must have full jurisdiction over child welfare for all their children, including those living off reserves, and they must be provided with resources to provide the same level of services to their children as are offered to non-Indigenous children,” Elba Bendo, project lead and West Coast LEAF’s Director of Law Reform says.In a press release, Frances Rosner, a Métis lawyer and a member of the project’s advisory committee says “the current system is marked by fear, power imbalances, and arbitrary decision-making.  Pointing the finger at an Indigenous parent who has survived colonial violence and expecting them to carry the burden of intergenerational trauma alone is cruel.  BC clearly has a failed child welfare system in desperate need of a complete overhaul.”The report includes more than 30 recommendations for improving systemic and legislative reforms, financial supports, prevention based efforts, and advocacy for parents and Indigenous read more

NY touts economic boom with South African photoNY touts economic boom with South African photo

first_imgALBANY, N.Y. – A New York economic development agency report meant to show the state’s growth was illustrated with an 8-year-old photo showing construction cranes in South Africa.The Associated Press discovered the photo in this month’s report from Empire State Development. The photo, showing seven towering heavy-lift cranes being used to build a stadium in Cape Town for the 2010 soccer World Cup, is a cropped version of one owned by Getty Images, available for licensing on its website for up to $575.The photo apparently was used to give the impression of heavy construction activity in the state.Empire State Development said on Tuesday the photo was “a generic stock image” and will be replaced with an image of ongoing economic development in the state.“We thank the AP for bringing the matter to our attention,” the agency said.The gaffe comes as Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s economic development programs face questions over their effectiveness.Cuomo, a Democrat, said the programs have brought hundreds of thousands of jobs to the state. Critics, though, question those numbers along with the multibillion-dollar corporate incentives paid with taxpayer dollars.“Certainly sticking in construction cranes from half a world away isn’t going to build confidence in their credibility,” said E.J. McMahon, founder of the conservative Empire Center for Public Policy.The annual comprehensive report from Cuomo’s main economic development apparatus was mandated last year by the Legislature amid increased criticism of the governor’s efforts to boost business across the state, especially in distressed upstate areas. The report compiles the previous fiscal year’s statistics for each economic development program run by the agency. It wasn’t released until Feb. 5, 36 days after its Dec. 31 deadline.Included in its 127 pages of tables, charts and details of economic success stories are plenty of photos of people working at New York businesses and people visiting New York tourist attractions. Cuomo appears in several photos. Other images appear to be stock photos. None of the photos has a caption with specific information on it.The South Africa photo, taken from ground level looking up at the cranes set against a clear-blue sky, appears on Page 6 of the report. The next page features copy under the heading “Our Investment Strategies” overlaid on a second, less-defined photo of the cranes taken from a slightly different angle.Word of inclusion of the South Africa photos in a public state document came a day after the New York Post reported that the economic development agency approved a $1 million grant to Cadillac so the General Motors subsidiary could put it toward the $12.7 million renovation at its new Manhattan headquarters.Alex Camarda, a senior policy adviser at Reinvent Albany, a state government watchdog group, called the Cape Town cranes being passed off as New York economic activity “another example of a lack of transparency” by Cuomo’s economic development office.___This story has been corrected to show the report was issued this month, not last month.last_img read more

Alberta premier ready to talk but wants action at Trans Mountain meetingAlberta premier ready to talk but wants action at Trans Mountain meeting

first_imgEDMONTON – Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she will attend a meeting about the Trans Mountain pipeline in good faith and with an open mind, but the bottom line is the expansion project must get built without delay.Notley also says she will bring in legislation next week that would allow her to curtail oil shipments to British Columbia – regardless of the outcome of her Sunday meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and B.C. Premier John Horgan.Such action is expected to cause gas prices and other costs to spike in B.C.Trudeau has called the meeting for Ottawa amid increasing public pressure to resolve the impasse over Kinder Morgan’s pipeline from Edmonton to the port at Burnaby, B.C.The $7.4-billion expansion would triple the amount of oil headed to the coast, which Notley says is critical to ease transportation bottlenecks that are causing Canadian heavy oil to sell at a deep discount.The project already has federal approval, but Kinder Morgan says delay tactics and court challenges by B.C. have put the financial viability of it in jeopardy.last_img read more

Canadians cut back spending on extras essentials amid rising interest rates pollCanadians cut back spending on extras essentials amid rising interest rates poll

first_imgTORONTO – Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians have changed their behaviour by doing things such as cutting back on spending on both extras and essentials to brace themselves for rising interest rates, a new survey from Manulife Bank suggests.Among those who have taken steps to prepare for higher rates, 27 per cent pared back on entertainment such as movies and bars, 17 per cent put more money into savings accounts, and 10 per cent spent less on essential items, such as groceries, the poll data showed.It’s a good sign that some Canadians are being more prudent as interest rates continue to inch higher, said Rick Lunny, president and chief executive of Manulife Bank.“It is encouraging that there is a large group of people preparing for higher interest rates… Young families, not surprisingly, had the most concern about debt. So if you are in a position where you can adjust your lifestyle, I think that’s a good thing.”The online survey of 2,003 Canadians was conducted between May 11 and 14, after the Bank of Canada had raised interest rates three times since last summer, but before the central bank’s latest hike in July to 1.5 per cent.Two-thirds of respondents to the Manulife Bank survey said they are concerned about rising interest rates, and 23 per cent said they were spending more on interest payments than they did last year.And while some respondents said they were watching their spending more closely, half of respondents in debt said they are stressed about the level of indebtedness and one in three are kept awake at night worrying over it, the survey showed.What’s more, 40 per cent said the level of indebtedness has a negative impact on their mental health and 30 per cent said debt is causing issues in their personal relationships, the poll suggests.Twenty per cent of respondents said their spouse or common-law partners do not know how much debt they are in, and 12 per cent of people with debt hid a large purchase from their significant others.“In some ways, it’s similar to the stigma over mental health, where people are embarrassed, not comfortable or they’re feeling guilty about their situations,” said Lunny. “So they don’t want to share that knowledge… when you’re concerned or embarrassed, you do hide things from your loved ones.”The polling industry’s professional body, the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, says online surveys cannot be assigned a margin of error because they do not randomly sample the population.last_img read more

Michael Kors now Capri Holdings completes Versace dealMichael Kors now Capri Holdings completes Versace deal

first_imgNEW YORK — Having adding a pair of high-end brands to its stable, Michael Kors is changing its name to Capri.The company announced the acquisition of the Italian fashion house Versace for more than $2 billion (1.83 billion euros) in September, less than two years after acquiring Jimmy Choo, the shoemaker that rocketed to fame on the high heels of “Sex and the City.”Michael Kors Holdings, like its counterparts in France, has charged aggressively into the upper echelons of luxury fashion hoping to pump up sales. Kering snapped up Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Pomelato and LVMH bought Bulgari and Loro Piana.Capri Holdings Ltd. is projecting $8 billion in annual sales, with most of that coming from Michael Kors. Starting Wednesday, its New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol will be CPRI.Gianni Versace founded Versace in 1978. The family-run business was thrown into chaos with Versace’s murder 21 years ago. His sister, Donatella Versace, will continue with the company, holding the position of creative director.Michael Kors, who founded the company under his name, also remains as creative director of that wing of the company.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Report Chinese coal mine accident kills 19Report Chinese coal mine accident kills 19

first_imgBEIJING — A news agency says 19 miners were killed when a coal mine collapsed in northern China.The official Xinhua News Agency says rescuers are looking for two miners who still are missing following the disaster Saturday in the northern province of Shaanxi.Xinhua says another 66 miners were rescued.Authorities say the number of fatalities in China’s coal mines has fallen sharply over the past decade but the industry still is the world’s deadliest.The Associated Presslast_img

ELC students Purple Party raising money for Cancer Society at Legion tomorrowELC students Purple Party raising money for Cancer Society at Legion tomorrow

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A trio of ELC students will be hosting an event at the Fort St. John Legion on Friday to help raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation.Students Duncan Ross, Kurtis Lee, and Brendon Modde decided to help members in the local community who are battling cancer by raising money for the BC Cancer Foundation. The trio, who have played hockey together for a number of years, decided that they could make the biggest positive impact in the community by raising money for cancer research.The group is hosting a Purple Party – named for the colours of the Cancer Foundation – at the Fort St. John Legion on June 15th. The event will feature 50/50 draws, raffle draws, and auctions for items that the group was able to get donated to the cause, including for a round-trip airfare for two to anywhere WestJet flies. “The community was very generous with the support they gave us,” said Ross.“That was one of the things I felt surprised at was how kind and generous all the many businesses and companies actually were,” added Modde.The group says that so far, they’ve raised $2,000 of their $10,000 goal, but after securing the WestJet donation, they anticipate the amount going higher. Tickets for the WestJet draw are $20 each, and so far they’ve sold around 200 of the 1,000 tickets for the draw. The trio says they’ll be selling tickets at various locations around town this weekend ahead of the draw, which is taking place at the Purple Party.The Purple Party is taking place on Friday, June 15th at the Fort St. John Legion beginning at 5:00 p.m.last_img read more

CORRECTED USW mill workers in Fort St John to vote on strikeCORRECTED USW mill workers in Fort St John to vote on strike

first_imgCORRECTION: United Steelworkers Local 1-2017 President Brian O’Rourke has clarified yesterday’s announcement, saying that a strike vote is only being held by workers at 13 mills owned by members of the Council on Northern Interior Forest Employment Relations, or Conifer. A press release issued by the union had quoted USW Wood Council Chair Bob Matters as saying that the union was “bargaining for 23 different worksites…” O’Rourke said however that only 13 worksites are currently in talks, and suggested that the press release may have contained a typo.FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Officials with the United Steelworkers Wood Council say that members of USW Local 1-2017, which represents workers at the Canfor sawmill in Fort St. John, will be conducting a strike vote after talks broke down with their employer.In a release, the USW says that the Wood Council recently held a fifth round of negotiations with the Council on Northern Interior Forest Employment Relations, or Conifer, which is a non-profit society that was formed for the purpose of coordinating collective bargaining activities for member organizations. He added that the vote needs to be conducted in the next two weeks. Among the members of Conifer are Canfor’s sawmills in Fort St. John and Prince George, Canfor Energy North’s Fort St. John and Chetwynd operations, West Fraser’s Williams Lake division, and the Conifex mill in Mackenzie, in addition to over a dozen other mills across Northern B.C.However, the USW says that talks with Conifer broke down because of what it claims was the employer being unwilling to listen to the concerns of union members.“We are looking for improvements to our working conditions,” said USW Wood Council Chair Bob Matters. “The employer is unwilling to discuss the most basic proposals. Our workers are demanding changes and we will fight for them. We are bargaining for 23 different worksites and it’s time to send them a message.”The union said in their release that has proposed changes to the collective agreement that includes leave for members struggling with domestic violence, union representation and pension funding improvement.“Our goal is to get a fair contract for our members,” said USW Local 1-2017 President Brian O’Rourke. “The employers are having one of the best economic years in decades and workers should share in this prosperity.”Matters said that over 1,500 workers will be participating in a vote for the union to get a strike mandate from each worksite covered by Conifer, which includes the two locations in the Peace Region.last_img read more

Governance in reverse gear when Congress is in power ModiGovernance in reverse gear when Congress is in power Modi

first_imgJamui (Bihar): Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the Congress, saying governance goes into reverse gear when the grand old party and its allies are in power. Addressing an election rally in Jamui where LJP leader Chirag Paswan, son of party president Ram Vilas Paswan, is in the fray, Modi accused the Congress of having neglected B R Ambedkar like no other party did. He also claimed that his rivals were spreading the canard that the BJP, if voted to power again, will do away with reservations for the backward classes. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details “Governance goes into reverse gear when the Congress and its allies are in power. Terrorism, prices, violence, corruption, black money rise when Congress is in power; the country’s prosperity, its credibility, the morale of the armed forces, respect for honesty decline,” he said. He accused the Congress of having done everything to “defeat” Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian Constitution. “The Congress did everything possible to have Babasaheb defeated. It conspired to have his momory erased from the public mind. The ‘family’ remembered honouring its own members with Bharat Ratna but forgot Ambedkar,” the prime minister said. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday He said it was because of the BJP’s efforts that Ambedkar was bestowed the highest civilian award years after his death. Claiming that his detractors were spreading the rumour that the BJP will do away with quotas in government jobs and educational institutions if voted to power again, Modi declared, “Nobody can even touch reservations for the backward classes.” “We introduced 10 per cent quota for the economically backward people among the unreserved category…we did it without causing strife in society,” he said.last_img read more

Sheila Manifesto full of hollow promisesSheila Manifesto full of hollow promises

first_imgNEW DELHI: Delhi Congress president Sheila Dikshit said ‘the BJP manifesto was full of hollow promises and false claims without having any substance that would be beneficial to the people.Dikshit said that the emptiness of the BJP manifesto was evident from the reaction of senior BJP leader Murali Manohar Joshi, who was involved in the framing of the BJP manifesto in 2014, who asked about how many marks he would give to the Modi Government’s performance in the last five years, he replied that he could give marks “only if there was something written on the copybook”, which clearly proves that Modi’s performance in the last five years was only “non-performance”, and the manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections does not have a single meaningful, doable promise, as it was full of “jumlevaji”. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderDelhi Congress chief Dikshit said that the people of the country have now fully understood Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s falsehood and his bundle of lies, and the voters have now lost all faith in him, and his hollow promises. She added that the trust that the people had reposed in the BJP to deliver in 2014 had been completely shattered as the Modi Government could not fulfill even a single promise, and betrayed the people. Dikshit said that the people of the country would not believe in a single promise of the BJP manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as the report card of the Modi Government in the last five years has been a big zero.last_img read more

Social media has little effect on teens life satisfaction StudySocial media has little effect on teens life satisfaction Study

first_imgLondon: Social media has little effect on the life satisfaction of teenagers, according to a large-scale study conducted in the UK. Researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) at University of Oxford used an eight-year survey of UK households to study how long teenagers spent using social media on a normal school day and their corresponding life satisfaction ratings. This is the first large-scale and in-depth study testing not only whether adolescents who report more social media use have lower life satisfaction but also whether the reverse is true. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince Salman ‘snubbed’ Pak PM Imran, recalled his private jet from US: ReportThe research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), used improved data and statistical approaches and found most links between life satisfaction and social media use were trivial. However, there were some bidirectional effects: Lower life satisfaction led to increased social media use and vice versa, researchers said. These bidirectional effects were more consistent for females than for males, but again, these were modest trends, they said. Also Read – Iraq military admits ‘excessive force’ used in deadly protestsThe researchers stress that this represents an important step in understanding the effects of social media. “Given the rapid pace of technological advancement in recent years, the question of how our increasing use of technology to interact with each other affects our wellbeing has become increasingly important,” said Professor Andrew Przybylski, Director of Research at the OII. “With most of the current debate based on lacklustre evidence, this study represents an important step towards mapping the effects of technology on adolescent well-being,” Przybylski said. Previous literature was based almost entirely on correlations with no means to dissociate whether social media use leads to changes in life satisfaction or vice versa. “More than half of the statistical models we tested were not significant, and those that were significant suggested the effects were not as simple as often stated in the media,” said Tobias Dienlin from the University of Hohenheim in Germany. “Most statistically significant models examined teenage girls. However, because these effects were tiny, they weren’t significantly larger in girls compared to boys,” Dienlin said.last_img read more

Pilots of grounded Jet Airways move SC seeking interim funding from SBIPilots of grounded Jet Airways move SC seeking interim funding from SBI

first_imgNew Delhi: Pilots of grounded Jet Airways moved the Supreme Court on Tuesday seeking direction to SBI to provide the assured interim finance for restarting operations, suspension of which has affected the livelihood of around 22,000 employees.The petition filed by National Aviators Guild has sought a direction to the Centre and the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to disallow slots of Jet Airways to other airlines on permanent basis. The plea, filed by advocate Gaurav Agrawal, has sought that the airline should not get deregistered. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghThe distressed airlines, which had 115 aircraft, started suffering losses and could not pay the employees from last December. The Board of Directors of the company had approved a plan on March 25 which envisaged infusing of Rs 1,500 crore over a period of time by SBI so that the company could be sold as a going concern but the promised funds were not disbursed, the plea said. It said that SBI’s decision not to infuse money was responsible for the operations of the airlines coming to stop and its substantial Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroaddevaluation. “The respondents have deliberately, or otherwise brought down the value of Jet Airways and as of now there are no bidders who have submitted the bid to SBI. Consequently the employees of Jet Airwyas have not been paid for last four months and have lost all hope of the revival of the airlines,” the plea said. It said the Centre, DGCA, Airports Authority of India and others have failed to appreciate the value of company which lies in the flight slots and the seats available in the international sector through various bilateral agreements. “Despite the fact that an expression of interest has been invited and bid to process to find a new purchaser is underway, the Centre and DGCA have already started allotting slots of Jet Airways in various airports to other airlines which has seriously undermined the value of the company,” the plea said. The petition said that such acts of the Centre and DGCA were highly prejudicial to employees of the company who have been waiting to get paid for last five months and have been looking forward to the resolution in bid process.last_img read more