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A Conservative election candidate has been caughtA Conservative election candidate has been caught

first_imgA Conservative election candidate has been caught out misleading disabled constituents about the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF).A transcript of an election hustings event in Merton, south-west London, has been published which shows that the Conservative candidate Paul Holmes misled voters when asked about the ILF.Holmes told the audience on 9 March that he knew there was “a lot of concern” about the ILF, but that “people that were on the ILF from quite a while ago will continue to receive that money, but for new applicants it has closed, and it’s going down to local authorities”. This was inaccurate because the fund will close to all ILF-users at the end of June, with the UK government passing the non-ring-fenced funding to English local authorities and the Welsh and Scottish government.The hustings was organised by Merton Centre for Independent Living (CIL), Merton Seniors Forum, Merton Mencap and Age UK Merton.Holmes should have been aware of government ILF policy because he has been working in the Westminster office of Tory Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond, who has been briefed several times on the issue by Merton CIL.Holmes has so far not responded to a request for a comment from Disability News Service.The decision to close ILF has been one of the most controversial of the last five years among disabled people and their organisations, and has been the subject of a series of legal actions, protests (pictured) and direct actions over the last four years.The government has continued to argue that the care and support needs of ILF-users are better met within a single care and support system, run by local authorities.But many campaigners believe that closing ILF – a government-resourced trust which helps about 16,500 people with the highest support needs to live independently – will threaten disabled people’s right to live with dignity, and could force many of them into residential care or make it impossible for them to work or take part in everyday activities.The Scottish government announced last year that it would set up its own ILF, for both existing and new users, while the Welsh government has opted to transfer the government funding and responsibility to local authorities, but with conditions attached on how it should be spent, protecting the budgets of existing ILF-users for at least the first nine months.ILF-users in Merton do not yet know whether the government funds will be ring-fenced for their use, according to the latest research by Disability Rights UK.Of 96 English local authorities that responded to the charity’s latest Freedom of Information Act requests (out of a total of 152 councils), only 24 said they would ring-fence the government funding.And some of these 24 are only ring-fencing the money because they have not yet carried out assessments of existing ILF-users.Merton is one of 22 local authorities that have yet to decide how the ILF funds transferred by the government will be used.Meanwhile, a prominent ILF-user, Mary Laver, marked the 61st birthday of Conservative work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, by riding her powered wheelchair from the House of Commons to the MP’s constituency in Chingford, east London.Laver, an ILF-user for 25 years and herself a member of the Conservative party, yesterday (9 April) travelled the 14 miles to deliver a “very special birthday card” to Duncan Smith.She says Duncan Smith is the man who is “going to imprison me in my own home for the rest of my life without a parole or right to appeal” by closing ILF, which has helped her live an independent life for the last 26 years.last_img read more

The minister for disabled people has again misledThe minister for disabled people has again misled

first_imgThe minister for disabled people has again misled MPs, after she claimed that the UK had “volunteered” to take part in a public UN examination which concluded that her government’s disability policies had caused a “human catastrophe”.Penny Mordaunt was responding to Labour’s new shadow minister for disabled people, Marsha de Cordova, who told the Commons this week that the UN committee on the rights of persons with disabilities had “condemned” the government’s progress on disability employment.De Cordova had asked Mordaunt if the government would respond to those concerns.The committee’s “concluding observations” report, in August, examined how the UK had implemented the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).Among more than 80 recommendations for improvements – a record number for any country being examined by the committee – it was heavily critical of the UK government’s failure to take action to close the disability pay gap and the disability employment gap, as well as raising concerns about serious flaws in the work capability assessment process.But Mordaunt told MPs on Monday (pictured) that the Office for Disability Issues was looking at the UN report and that the UK government had “volunteered to put ourselves through this process”.The process that led to the report is not voluntary, as is made clear in articles 35 and 36 of the convention.Countries that ratify the UN convention, like the UK, have to send an initial report to the committee and then provide “periodic” progress reports every four years, which eventually lead – following various stages that include a public examination – to a concluding observations report.It is not the first time that Mordaunt has been accused of misleading MPs.Last November, she misled the Commons work and pensions committee about the government’s pledge to halve the disability employment gap, less than two minutes after she began giving evidence to MPs.And last October, she told the Commons that under personal independence payment, compared with disability living allowance, “more people are entitled to use the Motability scheme”.Motability’s own figures showed that of their customers who had been reassessed for PIP at that stage, 44 per cent had lost their entitlement to the scheme and had had to return their vehicles.She has also faced questions after telling a disability hustings event in May that a Conservative government would “dismantle” the work capability assessment (WCA), and that this pledge had been included in the party’s general election manifesto.The WCA pledge was not in the Tory manifesto.When asked why Mordaunt appears to have misled MPs and whether she would apologise for doing so, a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) spokesman claimed she had been referring to a report published last November under UNCRPD’s optional protocol procedures.He said: “We are one of the few nations that have ratified the CRPD’s optional protocol, which allows the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to undertake an inquiry.”This report found Mordaunt’s government guilty of “grave and systematic violations” of the convention’s articles on independent living, work and employment, and social protection, through policies introduced by Conservative DWP ministers between 2010 and 2015.It was the first such high-level inquiry to be carried out by the committee, and was a result of years of research and lobbying by Disabled People Against Cuts and other disabled activists.But again, the UK government’s involvement in the optional protocol was not voluntary.The UK is also not “one of the few nations” to have ratified the optional protocol, as a UN document published last year shows it has been ratified by at least 89 countries and regional organisations.It was also ratified by the last Labour government, rather than by the Conservatives.When DNS told the DWP spokesman that de Cordova had clearly been referring to the August report and that even if she had been referring to the optional protocol it would still have been wrong to suggest that the UK “volunteered” to take part, a more senior DWP spokeswoman replied instead, and said: “There’s no evidence that MPs have been misled.“We’ve nothing further to add to the response below.”last_img read more

San Francisco is not dying San Francisco is not rotting But thingsSan Francisco is not dying San Francisco is not rotting But things

first_imgAnd yet I fear that extrapolating the future from the past is growing tenuous in the here and now. Yes, San Francisco has experienced outrageous unaffordability in the past — an egg in the Gold Rush era could set you back $3, which is about $90 in today’s money (more than any avocado toast). But this is cold comfort. The tribulations of desperate miners willing to be fleeced in our inchoate, dirt-road town do not jibe with today’s San Francisco, a mid-sized North American city with a projected budget of $12.3 billion. Institutional memory is a powerful ally. But San Francisco in an era of $1.77 million shacks and cleaning ladies paying $3,200 rents in Visitacion Valley and tsunamis of IPOs and jarring public misery and filth in the face of it all may have transcended history. We’ve gone off book. We’ve sailed off the edge of the map. George R.R. Martin couldn’t write quickly enough and now we’re making stuff up as we go along.Carnaval 2019. Photo by Samuele Marro.The recent Post article started — as they all seem to do — with the poignant scenes of a business closing here in the Mission. In this case, it was Lucca Ravioli Co., which on April 30 shut its doors after 34,439 days in operation. Yet another vestige of the past chased out of the neighborhood in the era of big tech and big money, eh? And yet, left unexplained in the Post story, is that this family-owned business scuttled itself, selling its land and buildings for more than $11 million. The villain here, insofar as there is one, isn’t some cigar-chomping landlord or developer. It’s the market. That’s not the same story. But it is a story. It is the story here in San Francisco. Every business that owns property is in the real-estate business now; video-game company Zynga recently sold its building for three times what it paid in 2012 (and far, far more than it was making with its inane successors to Farmville).   But the same goes for families and individuals who own land. And, if you don’t, you’re often living in a constant state of anxiety. The clock is ticking. Your San Francisco phase may be truncated. So, no, San Francisco isn’t dying. There’s lots going on here in the neighborhoods out-of-towners don’t visit (and even in the ones they do). New people (who may or may not give a damn about our public schools and hospitals or any other problem not encountered while walking between the condo and the Uber) will always beat a path here. Individuals are being forced out or prospering — or both. But the city is in a boom. San Franciscans suffer. San Francisco thrives.And it isn’t rotting, either. Quite the opposite: The city, increasingly denuded of its creative class and its middle class and its children, is still gorgeous. Like a lake permeated by acid rain, the pristine nature of swaths of San Francisco obscures a lifelessness of sorts.San Francisco is built between two major fault lines. Everybody knows what lies in our city’s future. But nobody knows what happens before that. Or after. Photo by David Lewis-Baker.*Astute commenter Laura A. Ryan correctly notes that Crazy Crab didn’t make his appearance at Candlestick Park until 1984, which was quite a different time than the 1970s. In the 1970s, however, the 49ers did sign O.J. Simpson, so there’s that. As such, while you and I live here — pay our taxes here, hopscotch over human effluvia here, get married here, have children here, transact business here — San Francisco, for others, exists as an allegory and a concept more than a city and county. Nobody writes allegorical or conceptual pieces about Columbus or Winnipeg. Perhaps they should. I would read them. But they do write such stories about San Francisco. These aren’t fun stories because there’s so much in San Francisco today that’s not fun. The disconnect between this city’s vast wealth and its vast poverty — and its cavalcade of ascendant arrivistes and dwindling, often put-upon locals — is positively Dickensian. To be a San Franciscan is to become inured to misery and filth and property crime and desperation, and to navigate — by Uber, likely — between this city’s shabbiness and squalor and opulence and aloofness. The latest entry in the growing cottage industry of out-of-town publications bemoaning the ruination of this city was a May 21 piece in the Washington Post titled “How San Francisco Broke America’s Heart.” It strokes San Franciscans’ vanity to depict all of America as being that tied up in San Francisco one way or another. San Francisco politicians like talking about how other cities look to us as an example. And they’re right — but not in the way they’d like to think. Believe it or not, the rest of America can go a few minutes without thinking about us. Maybe even a few hours. The stroking would be short-lived. The Post story felt like stumbling into a Wikipedia entry on San Francisco tech dystopia stories; it was saturated with every last example of ostentatious wealth or filth or both you’ve read about in the paper in recent years. And, yes, this article really did read eerily like this 2014 Chronicle parody of the out-of-town publication pondering San Francisco genre or this faux-algorithm producing similar fare. And yet, the anecdotes and lamentations shoehorned into this article the way Marvel Studios shoehorns superheroes into movies are true. Quantifiably true. And that’s always worth remembering. But it doesn’t tell you the whole story. There are three things you must always ask yourself before you say anything, which is: Does this need to be said? Does this need to be said by me? Does this need to be said by me — now? —Craig FergusonSan Francisco is a mid-sized North American city with a population almost exactly that of Columbus, Ohio, and a shade higher than that of Winnipeg, Manitoba. That’s quantifiably true, and always worth remembering, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. San Francisco is a fantastically prosperous city and an economic powerhouse. If you’re running from something, you’ll end up here, the furthest west you can travel without getting wet. But this is also a place to run to: with your big idea, for a big job, or as elected officials and vagrants and cops and criminals have all told me, to simply be who you are. And this is true even if, like your humble narrator, you were born here. San Francisco is a place to be who you are. In the 1970s, your humble narrator’s mother lugged her clothes to a laundromat not far from Army Street. Some guy walked in with his laundry basket and a Kahlua cheesecake. And he shared it with everybody while they waited for their clothes to dry. Yes, everyone was stoned. Your humble narrator’s parents lived on Montcalm Street in a house they rented for a dollar and a quarter. There was a literal hole in the bathroom floor — you could, if so inclined, stick your head through and see the hard-packed dirt below — and the place was a bit of a squeeze for a man, woman, and terrier dog. Redfin currently estimates you could get $1.77 million for this manse. Presumably they’ve fixed the bathroom (but maybe not!). Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. This city is to nostalgia what Miami is to cocaine. We consume vast quantities of it. Uncut and pure. So it’s worth noting that, while my mom was eating that cheesecake, not one but two serial killers — in fact, roving teams of serial killers — were terrorizing San Francisco. In fact, literal terrorists were terrorizing San Francisco. Police were raiding gay bars and beating up homosexuals. The Navy was busy irradiating its neighbors in the largely black southeast of the city, a situation we are still very much dealing with (and, locals will tell you, is getting a lot more attention now that luxury housing there is being sold to well-off white people). The city was railroading Latino kids for murder. The Giants had a crab as a mascot* and played in pullover uniforms on Astroturf.Nostalgia for this era of San Francisco is understandable. We pine for the sense of community and the neighborhood eccentrics right out of Cannery Row (“a little group of men who had in common no families, no money, and no ambitions beyond food, drink, and contentment.”). Artists and bohemians could afford to live here. Regular folks with kids could afford to live here. Teachers and firefighters and waiters could afford to live here. That’s a plus.  But the San Francisco of Kahlua cheesecake in the laundromat is also the Zebra Killers’ San Francisco or the Jim Jones San Francisco or the Dan White San Francisco. We choose to decouple these memories. But, at the time, they coexisted. That was, in large part, the message of a rejoinder to the Post article from the Chronicle’s Peter Hartlaub. With the paper’s vast archives as his arsenal, he ably documented the many premature reports of this city’s demise, and assailed the lamenting of a lost, golden age as a product of selective amnesia. This was a good and necessary article. Institutional memory is a powerful ally. This city’s mascot ain’t a phoenix rising from the ashes for nothing.center_img Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Email Addresslast_img read more

SAINTS have been put through their paces at the UnSAINTS have been put through their paces at the Un

first_imgSAINTS have been put through their paces at the University of Chester, as part of a joint project between the Rugby Football League (RFL) and the University, evaluating the physical qualities of professional rugby league players.The project, which is being led by Professor Craig Twist and PhD student Nick Dobbin, both from the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, is aiming to collect data from players with all Super League clubs in the UK, to inform training and talent development practices within the sport. It is being run in collaboration with the RFL’s performance department.Professor Twist said: “St.Helens R.F.C. is a long-time partner of our Department. The club’s Head of Strength and Conditioning, Matt Daniels, has always taken an innovative approach to preparing and managing his players and, over the last five years, he has engaged in several applied research projects with us.“These have been used to inform the club’s own training, rehabilitation and selection practices, as well as contributing to several peer-reviewed papers and postgraduate projects.“St Helens is also very supportive when it comes to student learning opportunities, and has provided numerous placements for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in several areas of sport science.”For the research project, both first grade and academy players attended the University recently, to be put through a battery of rugby specific tests that assess each player’s physical qualities.The data gathered will also be used by the club to monitor individual player training and evaluate adaptations as the pre-season progresses.The University is also helping the club’s medical team with some neuromuscular screening, which will be useful if players get injured later in the season.As well as St.Helens R.F.C., the University also has strong connections with other rugby league clubs, including Warrington Wolves.Craig added: “Over the last 10 years, the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences has developed a very strong research profile in rugby league. In collaboration with the RFL and a range of professional and amateur clubs, we believe this work has enabled us to produce some impactful research that continues to inform practitioners’ work across the game.“St.Helens R.F.C., and Matt Daniels in particular, is one of those professional clubs that has been integral to the success of our work, and we’re extremely grateful that the club and players are helping us with the RFL-funded project. We value the fantastic opportunities that the club offers to our students.“These real world experiences of sport science, and how it influences rugby performance, are fundamental to students’ learning experiences, and it also enhances their employability.”Matt Daniels, Head of Strength and Conditioning at St.Helens R.F.C., added: “Our partnership with Craig and Chester University is key to ensuring we are prepared in the best possible way for our Super League season.“Their expertise is second to none and we use the data gathered from these sessions to enhance and inform our own training and preparation methods.”last_img read more

The full back has crossed for 18 so far this seasoThe full back has crossed for 18 so far this seaso

first_imgThe full back has crossed for 18 so far this season including the spectacular hat-trick in last Saturday’s Cup win over Castleford.Plaudits are naturally flowing his way as a result but Barba is keen to point out the work of his teammates.“I seem to be getting all the rewards off the back of their hard work,” he said. “I think so much about my teammates and what they do for me to be able to do the stuff I do.“Those forwards work hard whilst Danny Richardson is level headed. I would gladly split that bottle of wine [for winning man of the match] into 17 and share it out. Everyone does their job in this side.”He continued: “It’s a case of backing yourself when those chances come. Justin said when I make a break I should just pin them back and the passes and offloads would come off the back of that. I did that a few times on Saturday and some came off whilst other’s didn’t.“It was a tough game and the scoreline doesn’t really speak about how tough it was. Cas set a standard when they named a strong forward pack but credit to the boys we fought through it.“We hung on in there, got to half time, fixed things up and tried to finish them off in the second half.”last_img read more

Whats OnRed Vee Cafe Bar – Opens at 5pmTurnstilWhats OnRed Vee Cafe Bar – Opens at 5pmTurnstil

first_imgWhat’s On:Red Vee Cafe Bar – Opens at 5pm.Turnstiles – Open at 6pm.LDRL Rugby League – Saints will take on Warrington in a special exhibition match before the main event. It kicks off at 6:15pm.Club Face Painters – These will once again be operating in the Hattons Solicitors Family Stand and the Totally Wicked North Stand from around 6:30pm … come along and get your face painted in Saints colours for free!Bouncy Castles – We have rugby themed inflatables in the North and South West Stands.Member Offers – We have two great offers for you – any pie & alcoholic beverage is just £6, whilst a pie or hotdog & hot drink is just £4.Soft Drinks – Fruit shoots are available for just £1.50 each.Carling Bar – Fans in the West Stand can continue to get their hands on 500ml Carling PETs from our bottle bar in the concourse. Price is £4.Contactless Payment – Will be available in the Karalius, Popular Side, Marching Inn, Eddington Arms and Voll’s bars to speed up your service.The A-Star Saints Angels – Will be performing several new performances before the game and at half time. Today the Warrington Wirettes join them for a special routine too.SeatServe – We are continuing to link up with SeatServe to offer a trial of a new in-seat, food and drink delivery service on matchday. The SeatServe app, which enables fans to order food and drinks from their smartphone for efficient delivery to their seat, will be tested in the Totally Wicked North Stand and South Stand at tonight’s game. Click here to find out more.Bucket Collection – Dig deep as the Academy continue their fundraising for the 2019 Academy Tour of Australia.Half Time – See the Simply Doughnuts Kicking Challenge! Contestants have three attempts to kick a ball into a large replica Simply Doughnuts pot in front of the West Stand. There’s a whole host of prizes to win and if you kick it in from the 40m line, you return at the final game of the season to kick again for the chance to win a Membership for the 2019 season.Sponsors:The Match is sponsored by Elcons whilst the Man of the Match will be selected by Bidfood. Betfred are our Corporate Sponsor.Team News:Both sides have named their 19-man squad for the match. You can find out more here.Tickets:Tickets for the game are available from the Ticket Office at the Totally Wicked Stadium or by calling 01744 455 052. There will be cash turnstiles on the Hattons Solicitors West, Totally Wicked North and East Stands. If you require a South Stand ticket then you need to head to the Ticket Office.Tickets are available online until 4pm.Saints Superstore:The Saints Superstore will be open from 9am right up until kick-off and for 45 minutes after the final whistle.Programme:The programme is priced at £3 and features an review of the season, plus tributes to Ben Barba and Jon Wilkin.A Message:Just a reminder: Saints fans are the best in the world and known throughout the sport as being one of the most vocal and loyal group of supporters there is.As a family club we ask that fans are mindful of their fellow supporters and refrain from doing anything that would damage this reputation.There have been instances of beer throwing and other anti-social behaviour at some of our games this year and we ask that fans think of those around them and not do anything that could bring further action on the club.Please note the use of smoke grenades and flares at the stadium is prohibited.Anyone caught throwing beer, or any other liquid, alongside smoke grenades or flares, risks being banned for a period of games, and/or having Memberships tickets rescinded.last_img read more

Club First TeamClub First Team

first_imgGrace is Saints’ leading try scorer this season thus far scoring four times in the first five Super League rounds.The 22-year-old Welsh international scored 18 tries in 33 appearances for the Red Vee last season. He joined the club after playing rugby league for South Wales Scorpions at Under 16s and Wales at Under 18s and he was part of the unbeaten Academy Championship side in 2016.Grace went on to score on his Saints first team debut against Wigan Warriors back in the 2017 Good Friday fixture and alluded to his debut when signing his new Saints deal.Grace spoke exclusively to and was naturally delighted with his new contract.“I’m delighted to have signed a new contract. I would like to thank CEO, Mike Rush, Chairman, Eamonn McManus, Head Coach Justin Holbrook, all of the coaching staff and everyone else who have helped me get to this point since my debut back in 2017.“I am still young and have lots of learning to do, but I’m excited for what the future holds.”Saints Chairman Eamonn McManus said: “It’s great that Regan has committed to the Saints and to Super League despite a great deal of interest in him in rugby union.“He brings speed and excitement to the team and can only improve further with experience and with age. He’s yet another great product of our academy system and it’s great to see so many of them in our current side.”Head Coach Justin Holbrook added: “It’s exciting news for the club to have Regan committing his future here.“He is a young player who listens and is good to coach. He has learnt a lot in the last couple of years and although he still has a lot more to learn, he is such an explosive, natural runner, who is great to watch.“He is an exciting young player to have on the end of our back line plays and I am confident he will achieve great things in a Saints shirt.”Grace has been named in Justin Holbrook’s 19 man squad to face Huddersfield Giants on Thursday (kick off 7:45pm).last_img read more

Judge reduces bond for Monkey Junction murder suspectJudge reduces bond for Monkey Junction murder suspect

first_imgNEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A judge reduced the bond for the validated Hells Angel member accused of stabbing two men and fatally shooting one of them.The New Hanover County District Attorney’s Office confirms Aaron Stephens’ bond was reduced from $4.5 million to $300,000 based on it not being a capital case.- Advertisement – The District Attorney’s Office asked for the bond to be set at $1 million, but the judge granted the defense attorney’s request of $300,000.Stephens is charged with murder in the death of Terry Greenwood. The other victim, Anthony Lanza, was stabbed multiple times.The stabbing and shooting happened March 22 on Julia Drive.Related Article: Affidavit: Witness told police campus shooter targeted tableIn a previous court hearing, Assistant District Attorney Dru Lewis says Stephens and Greenwood had prior altercations about Stephens’ wife. Investigators say on the night of the murder the two argued elsewhere, it then led back to Stephens’ home on Julia Drive.Lewis said a neighbor’s security camera showed the victim’s truck driving down to a culdesac in the neighborhood, followed by Stephen’s car. That culdesac is where Greenwood and Lanza were found.If Stephens makes bond, he will be on monitored house arrest.According to the New Hanover County jail website, Stephens had bonded out.last_img read more

Bladen Sheriff Meth lab uncovered near DublinBladen Sheriff Meth lab uncovered near Dublin

first_imgInvestigators say they found a meth lab in this home in Dublin (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriffs Office)  BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Five people face drug charges after a joint operation uncovered a methamphetamine lab in Dublin, investigators say.(Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriffs Office)The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office, White Lake Police Department and the North Carolina Highway Patrol dismantled the methamphetamine lab late Thursday night, according to a news release from Sheriff James McVicker.- Advertisement – The lab was at 1105 Bethel Church Road .Andy Holder Walters (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff)McVicker says officers received an anonymous tip which lead to the investigation.“Sgt. Richard Allen with the Sheriff’s Office and Lt. Mike Salmon, with White Lake Police Department have received advanced training in clandestine labs and this is the second lab they have located in the county in the last month.Franklin Neal Taylor (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff)Related Article: Man charged with kidnapping, rape in New Hanover CountyThese labs can be very dangerous and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has a team specially trained to break down and clean up these sites,” said McVicker. “They can be dangerous for those “cooking the meth, dangerous to the community and dangerous to officers. We always treat them as a toxic environment.”James Crawford Johnson (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff)Investigators arrested Andy Holder Walters, 46, of Tar Heel,  Franklin Neal Taylor, 40 of  Elizabethtown, James Crawford Johnson, 41, of Elizabethtown, Monica Reaves Britt, 31, of Tar Heel, and Sandie Shaw Britt, 34, of Whiteville.Monica Reaves Britt (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff)Each are charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine. They are in jail under a $100,000.00 secured bond.Additional charges are expected.Sandie Shaw Britt (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff)“We are aware of other labs in the county and are actively working to shut them down,” McVicker said. “Investigations such as this take some time to come to a point where we can make arrests but we are zeroing in on several possible labs hope to shut them down very soon.”last_img read more

State Superintendent gives 200 to all K3 teachers in NCState Superintendent gives 200 to all K3 teachers in NC

first_imgNEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — When it comes to your child’s education, learning how to read is a key component. That is why State Superintendent Mark Johnson says he is making sure teachers have what they need for kids to succeed.“Last week we announced that we were getting $5 million out of Raleigh and sending it out to schools so that every teacher in a K-3 classroom would have $200 to buy reading supplies,” Johnson said.- Advertisement – It’s extra money teachers like Savannah Crangle are honored to receive.“So a lot of our students come from, you know, families that don’t have a lot of money. So having this extra funding in the classroom they’re going to have so much more access to books that they can bring home,” Crangle said. “To the outside world.”Johnson stopped by Union Elementary School in Shallotte and Mary C. Williams Elementary School in Wilmington Friday to share the good news and a check.Related Article: Report finds Ohio State doc abused 177, officials were aware“To show our appreciation to teachers,” Johnson said. “But also let teachers decide how this money should best be spent. Because they know their students the best and they know what their students need.”Johnson said the money comes from the Read to Achieve Program which focuses on helping students learn how to read, training teachers, and providing materials necessary for success.Teachers say they are more than excited to put the money to good use.“I’m gonna get some bagged books to send home with my children,” Crangle said. “They love choosing their own titles, their own topics, and sharing with their families what they’re learning. So I can’t wait to put that in their hands to take home with them.”Every public school teacher in kindergarten through third grade across the state will get $200 to spend on reading supplies. Charter schools are also included.last_img read more

Hurricane evacuation routes Where do you goHurricane evacuation routes Where do you go

first_img Troopers will be on hand to assist with the large volume of traffic.Click here for the DOT map with routes, but Abbot says to first listen to local law enforcement before leaving. 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% Surf City will not resume dune restoration until November2:24Gov. Cooper tours Fair Bluff Fire Station, talks hurricane recovery0:55School supply giveaway aims to help those affected by Florence1:41Northside Pool repairs almost complete0:30Support the Port among winners of disaster recovery grant0:56Vet receives a free roof after losing one to Florence0:55HOPE NC INTERVIEW3:25Hampstead woman loses home in Florence, surprised with help 10 months later2:04Tropical Integrated Warning Team meeting helps agencies prepare during hurricane season1:56US 421 bridge work continues after Florence washout0:47Teens help those affected by Hurricane Florence, Matthew2:08Florence victims face 100-degree days in FEMA trailers1:04Volunteers desperately needed to assist with building efforts after Hurricane Florence3:39Hurricane shifts sand in coastal waters, could increase swimming threats2:13First responders join WARM in hurricane recovery efforts0:59Oak Island Pier set to reopen Wednesday0:25Oceanic Restaurant ready to dive in on Mother’s Day0:30Possible return date for Jervay community released2:18New Hanover Schools hourly employees won’t get paid for five days2:14Hurricane Recovery round table gives residents access to mroe help post-Florence2:10Brunswick Town Historic Site museum reopens Saturday1:00Wilmington man meets paramedics who saved his life hours before hurricane2:20Rep. David Rouzer talks Mueller report, storm recovery4:24Spruce up your yard at annual spring plant sale in Burgaw0:47RESIDE Disaster Relief Shelter holds rubbon cutting0:54Students say “Thank you” to first responders1:25AG sues Florida tree removal company for alleged price gouging in Wilmington2:14’Cross Creek Hero’ continues to lend a helping hand2:17USO shows appreciation to the coast guard, shutdown, hurricane0:52Proposed tax credit could assist repairs for historic homes in disaster zones2:04Two New Hanover schools to move into new buildings next month1:26NC students write book about experience with Hurricane Florence1:22Luncheon highlights ’growth and transformation’ in downtown Wilmington0:32Gov. Roy Cooper says downtown Wilmington ’revitalized’ after Florence2:02Community rolls together to get topsail beach skating rink back open after storm1:36Cape Fear Garden Club plants the seed for Airlie Gardens’ Florence recovery0:57Wilmington firefighters honored for rescue during Hurricane Florence1:50Rep. David Rouzer talks rebuilding damaged dike in Bladen County1:40Fix to Kelly dike system still in limbo following community conversation2:13Neighbors fight to stop construction of ’essential’ hospital water system2:31County, city still waiting on millions in Florence reimbursement1:51Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo talks Florence recovery 6 months after storm1:51Boiling Spring Lakes: Only 40% of recovery completed since historic hurricane2:26Owner moves to new location after Florence wipes out iconic restaurant1:06Pender community surfs its way to recovery months after storm1:27ONLY ON WWAY: Gov. Cooper gives recovery update six months post-Florence7:42’This is a miracle’: Whitestocking community gets help to rebuild church2:19Bethlehem Baptist Church is on the road to recovery after Florence1:22800+ Pender students still displaced several months after historic hurricane1:58Are some homes worth the renovation after Hurricane Florence?1:17Free seeds offer easier start to families replanting0:54Cape Fear Volunteer Center needs help moving Florence survivors into new homes0:53Florence survivor finds new housing, not out of the woods yet0:31Rebuild continues almost 6 months since Hurricane Florence1:35Rebuild continues almost 6 months since Hurricane Florence2:19Florence destroys Pender County farm, help comes from across country2:07How can we improve for next time? Pender reviews storm response to Florence1:40USS Battleship North Carolina continues to battle Mother Nature1:54Will Carolina Beach businesses reopen in time for start of season?2:05FEMA assistance starts to end, Florence victims still without homes2:07New Hanover County issues Hurricane Florence after action report1:22Veteran forced out of garage after Florence moves into camper0:31Gov. Cooper proposes funding aimed to help schools recovering from Florence1:44Florence clean up efforts ongoing1:54Pender Co. ends Hurricane Florence state of emergency0:16Volunteers needed to clean up Ev-Henwood Nature Preserve in Leland0:30University breaks ground on new student housing0:57Topsail Island is back open post-Florence1:38Barfield: ’State of the county is strong’2:17Habitat breaks ground on 4 new homes in Wilmington0:54Volunteer attorneys could help homeowners denied help from FEMA4:06Pro bono FEMA clinic for those affected by Hurricane Florence4:06First ever pender county state of education and economy held in burgaw1:52Wrightsville Beach restaurant closed since Florence starts rehiring staff0:53Hurricane Florence victims can still apply for disaster mitigation0:55Are you ready for breakfast?1:00Historic grounds reopens after shutdown1:27Hurricane Florence recovery summit brings survivors together1:31New Wrightsville Beach school planned with storms, floods in mind0:33TX official offers affordable housing advice after experiencing Hurricane Harvey1:04Whitestocking residents welcome truckload of donations from Pennsylvania3:06FEMA hosting meeting to address flood mitigation questions, concerns3:39University still repairing classrooms and apartments four months after hurricane0:30Cooper to Trump: End shutdown so NC can rebuild after Hurricane Florence0:33Experts say affordable housing is in more trouble following Florence0:58Stranger drives across country to reunite NC boy fighting cancer with his dog2:19Will a $2M flood plan save the Battleship North Carolina parking lot?1:05Woman says Florence damage is severely affecting her health1:54When you can learn more about applying for buyouts on flood-prone homes0:25Pender County students to receive free meals through January 310:20Animal aid group says majority of supplies lost after theft1:02Duke energy wants customers to help with $760m storm cost0:44Find out how you can help the environment by getting rid of your Christmas tree1:02New study researches how Hurricane Florence could have impacted pregnancies2:16Ward gives back to his community during the holidays1:32Gov. Cooper reflects on efforts to rebuild following Hurricane Florence3:14Gov. Cooper: 2018 was a tough year for North Carolina2:37Man designs ornaments made from Florence debris0:38Businesses team up to host Hurricane Florence recovery fundraiser0:56Rain lowers ’Christmas on the Square’ turnout0:54XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Evacuations are already underway in several coastal areas, but do you know what to do if you’re told to leave your home?NCDOT’s Steve Abbott says evacuation routes are on interstates and major divided highways.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Publix stores reopen in Ocean Isle Beach Myrtle Beach areaPublix stores reopen in Ocean Isle Beach Myrtle Beach area

first_img Publix at Coastal North Town Center1576 Highway 17 NNorth Myrtle Beach, SC 29582Publix at Village Shops at Grande Dunes7925 N Kings HwyMyrtle Beach, SC 29572Publix at Forest Square2179 Oakheart RdMyrtle Beach, SC 29579Related Article: Netflix raising prices for 58M US subscribers as costs risePublix at Prince Creek Village Center11920 Hwy 707 Ste AMurrells Inlet, SC 29576Publix at Pawleys Island Plaza10225 Ocean Hwy 17Pawleys Island, SC 29585For the most up-to-date information on store hours in affected areas, please visit our Publix Store Status page. The following Publix stores have reopened and are operating under normal business hours.Publix at Ocean Isle Beach Market Place1560 Market Place Blvd.Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469- Advertisement – last_img

Firefighters wash dead fish off I40 after floodwaters recedeFirefighters wash dead fish off I40 after floodwaters recede

first_imgPENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Hurricane Florence brought life-threatening flash flooding to the region along with historic river flooding.As the water receded along a stretch of Interstate 40 in Pender County over the weekend, these firefighters added “washing fish off the interstate” to their long list of duties.- Advertisement – Penderlea Fire Department posted video to their Facebook Saturday and has nearly 950,000 views as of Monday morning.last_img

Black History Month Young Wilmington rapper impacts the communityBlack History Month Young Wilmington rapper impacts the community

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)- Amanda Fitzpatrick continued the WWAY Black History Month celebration today by speaking with Wilmington rapper Makyn’ze Nelson and her impact on the community at such a young age.In addition to being a rapper Nelson is also a speaker, and activist who spends her time trying to help other within the community.- Advertisement – Nelson believes in leading by example and has created her own YouTube channel with her hit songs and dance videos to help spread her message in the community as she creates history.You can watch the full interview above to learn more.last_img

Governor to announce project that would bring jobs to NavassaGovernor to announce project that would bring jobs to Navassa

first_img It could be related to “Project Pavement,” which is in reference to a company that showed interest in relocating their manufacturing business from New Jersey to North Carolina.In January, Brunswick County Commissioners voted to support a grant to help the business move to the old US Marine Plant in Navassa. The plant, at 100 Quality Drive, closed in 2008.The Board of Commissioners supported sending an application to the NC Department of Commerce for a Building Reuse grant in the amount of $700,000, with the county agreeing to provide $35,000.Related Article: Effort underway to save Gullah-Geechee church in Brunswick County The former US Marine plant on Quality Drive in Navassa (Photo: Adam Wagner/StarNews) NAVASSA, NC (WWAY) — Governor Roy Cooper will be in Brunswick County on Friday to make an economic development announcement in Navassa.The NC Department of Commerce confirmed the governor will make the announcement around noon, but could not confirm any more details.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Leland Town Council to vote on Windsor Park guard railLeland Town Council to vote on Windsor Park guard rail

first_img She says the guard rail would help keep accidents from happening right in someone’s backyard, and act as a barrier between the neighborhood and the highway.Batleman says once Council votes on the resolution at its meeting Thursday, the resolution will still have to go through the county, the WMPO and the NCDOT.She hopes to get the resolution passed by the summer time, when traffic is typically busier. LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland Town Council is moving along with a resolution for to install a guard rail in the Windsor Park neighborhood.Council is asking the NCDOT to put in a guard rail to protect homes in the neighborhood that back up to I-140.- Advertisement – last_img

Brunswick Co missing teen found safeBrunswick Co missing teen found safe

first_img According to a post on the sheriff’s office Facebook page, Lloyd Fullwood of Backfin Place in Bolivia was last seen around 8 p.m. Thursday. Fullwood is a 17-year-old black male, 5’6″, 140 lbs. with medium length black hair. He was last seen wearing a white short-sleeve shirt with jean shorts and burgundy sneakers. The sheriff’s office says the photo provided is about a year old.Anyone with information should contact Det. Nowell at (910) 880-4854 or call 911. Update: The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said the teen has been found safe.BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help finding a teen missing since last night.- Advertisement – last_img

Peru expresident leaves cadaver as sign of contempt for his enemies –Peru expresident leaves cadaver as sign of contempt for his enemies –

first_img SharePrint <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> Friends and family carry the coffin with the remains of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia, who killed himself this week, during the last of three days of national mourning declared by President Martin Vizcarra, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Guadalupe PardoFriends and family carry the coffin with the remains of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia, who killed himself this week, during the last of three days of national mourning declared by President Martin Vizcarra, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Guadalupe Pardo Peruvian ex-president Alan Garcia wrote in an alleged suicide note read by family members at a wake on Friday that he had killed himself in order to avoid humiliation at the hands of his political enemies.Garcia shot himself in the head earlier this week as police arrived at his door to arrest him in connection with alleged bribes from Brazilian builder Odebrecht, in the most dramatic turn yet in Latin America’s largest graft scandal. Before his suicide, Garcia had repeatedly brushed off allegations of corruption as a political hit.One of Garcia´s daughters read the apparent suicide note at a wake held by his APRA political party, which twice helped usher Garcia to the presidency.Reuters was unable to independently verify the authenticity of the letter, nor the time at which it was written.“I will not be humiliated,” read Luciana Garcia, citing a note left by her father before his suicide. “I have seen others paraded around in handcuffs, living a miserable existence, but Alan Garcia has no need to suffer these injustices.”“For this reason, I leave to my children the dignity of my decisions; to my friends, my pride, and to my enemies, my cadaver as a sign of my contempt for them.”The note underscores the deep political rift that continues to plague the Odebrecht investigation in Peru and elsewhere in Latin America.Peruvian prosecutors investigating the Brazilian builder said they had gathered sufficient evidence to hold Garcia in pre-trial detention while they prepared charges against him. Garcia maintained his innocence until the end, calling the probe politically motivated.“In this time of rumors and hatred, believed by the majority…I have seen how these procedures are used to humiliate and not to seek the truth,” Garcia wrote in the letter read before thousands of his friends and allies at the wake.President Martin Vizcarra, whose administration has overseen the probe, had offered Garcia´s family a state funeral with honours, typical of that received by former presidents.The Garcia family declined Vizcarra´s offer, preferring instead a private event with the ex-president´s friends and allies.Garcia´s suicide is likely to drive a wedge between Vizcarra´s government and the right-leaning opposition in Peru´s Congress, many of whom were allied with the ex-president.  Friends and family carry the coffin with the remains of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia, who killed himself this week, during the last of three days of national mourning declared by President Martin Vizcarra, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Guadalupe Pardo Supporters of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia wait in line to pay their last respects to Garcia, who killed himself this week, during the last of three days of national mourning declared by President Martin Vizcarra, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Guadalupe Pardo The hearse carrying the remains of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia, who killed himself this week, arrives at the Mapfre Cemetery, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Janine Costa Supporters of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia, who killed himself this week, touch the hearse carrying his remains, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Guadalupe Pardo Supporters of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia wait at the Mapfre Cemetery to pay their last respects to Garcia, who killed himself this week, during the last of three days of national mourning declared by President Martin Vizcarra, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Janine Costa Friends and family carry the coffin with the remains of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia, who killed himself this week, during the last of three days of national mourning declared by President Martin Vizcarra, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Guadalupe Pardo The hearse carrying the remains of Peru’s former President Alan Garcia, who killed himself this week, makes its way through the crowd of supporters, in Lima, Peru April 19, 2019. REUTERS/Guadalupe PardoWhatsApplast_img read more

Worlds Best Smartphone Fight iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4 vs Lumia 920Worlds Best Smartphone Fight iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4 vs Lumia 920

first_imgAdvertisement Today, buying a smartphone is just like going out for shopping with your wife. She’ll go through loads of varieties, colors, brands of clothes and end up buying something which either she’ll like or regret buying as her friend got a better dress than she did. It’s more of like fashion, keeps changing everyday. Are you getting my point? What I’m trying to tell you is that buying the perfect smartphone has gotten a lot more complex with so many varieties, competitors and ecosystems.In this post we will be comparing 5 best smartphones currently available in the market – LG Nexus 4, Apple iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and also let you know why you should for the same. The best of all ecosystems are present on the list. Let’s put them up together for a specifications fight first. – Advertisement – FinallyAgain it all comes down to your choice of ecosystem. If iOS is your choice, iPhone 5 is the best you can get. If you’re an Android enthusiast, then Nexus 4 is your best bet. If you’re looking for best individual qualities like best display, best camera, best hardware, then Lumia 920 with the developing Windows Phone 8 software is your best choice. If you’re looking for the perfect Android phone with everything at it’s best, then Galaxy S3 is the phone you should be buying.Lastly, in my opinion, regardless of any ecosystem or individual best characteristic, it’s Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 that beats all the above phones. Be it any section, hardware, design, camera, display, software, battery life, etc. It excels equally in all the aspects. It’s the best phone right now. Period.Credit: MobileGyaanlast_img read more

Meet the 40 startups selected for DEMO Africa 2013Meet the 40 startups selected for DEMO Africa 2013

first_imgAdvertisement Two Ugandan apps made it to the TOP 40!This year’s DEMO Africa conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 24 to 25 October, and will feature 40 entrepreneurs hailing from Cape Town to Cairo presenting their innovative technologies. The entrepreneurs will be pitching to a mix of everyone from investors and fellow entrepreneurs to the tech media. So, what can we expect to see?The 40 startups listed below are the ones that have made it through a series of screening processes out of a total of 300 submitted applications this year. The five categories for the conference are Mobile Technology, Social Media, Consumer Products, Cloud Services and Enterprise Technologies.DEMO Africa part of LIONS@frica‘s flagship initiatives. LIONS@frica (Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations) is an initiative by the US Department of State, in collaboration with Microsoft, DEMO, USAID, and Startup Weekend, that aims to further public-private alliance to enhance and deepen the startup and innovation ecosystems of targeted fast-growing African economies. – Advertisement – DEMO Africa points out some positive growth indicators of the African continent. For example, real startups are being created on the continent where the potential for growth is massive — population figures in Sub-Saharan Africa are set to grow by 5% this year and Africa is home to about 15% of the world’s population. It further points out that DEMO Africa Alumni have managed to raise over US$8-million in just one year.So, who made the cut this year? VC4Africa put together a list of the 40 startups and their countries of origin:So, who made the cut this year? VC4Africa put together a list of the 40 startups and their countries of origin:The Able Wireless Companyprovides an on-demand entertainment system and content delivery network that is localized to every single locale in the region.KenyaAnasodiabitiz helps people living with diabetes coordinate their healthcare online. South AfricaBoxBuzz is an SMS alert system which sends text message to owners of Post Office Box addresses whenever they receive a letter in their boxes. GhanaBrainShare is an academic application that offers a one-stop-centre for students revision, with well organised notes, ebooks and past papers. UgandaCenter for Affordable Housing provides a web-based dynamic business intelligence tool to find areas of development opportunity, and more. South AfricaChamasoft is a simple to use web and mobile app helping investment groups and chamas to manage all their group activities and communications. KenyaChopUP is a social platform that connects mobile device gamers across Africa and allows them to interact based on in-game achievements and transferrable points. NigeriaDibsr is an online community for sharing the things and places you love.EthiopiaDinero Social Savings System / ChamaPesa provides a multi-OS software platform that allows Chamas to manage their offerings and members to hold and manage their balances on their phones. KenyaDream Mobile provides tailored communications solutions to consumers and SME enterprises, with a specialization in smart devices. South AfricaDUMA Works is an SMS-based recruiting service that connects employers with top qualified job seekers, based on skill, geographic location, past employer reviews, and social network. KenyaEduze provides everyone equal access to the learning, loving and LOLing that digital content offers. South AfricaEventtus is a networking platform for events where users can explore events and socialize with like minded people during events. we build a community for each event and help organizers and attendees interact before, during and after events. EgyptFamissima is a social platform that connects families to each other and to products and services they need. TunisFaselty is an online donation organizing system to facilitate the blood donation process. Mobile integrated. Location and blood type based. EgyptFraudcracker offers an online technology solution to help companies identify and combat fraud. South AfricaGmaven vis provides the most user-friendly business intelligence and analytics product. South AfricaGmobile is a set of proprietary apps for all smartphone operating systems- Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows. It is a softphone running on your current smartphone. KenyaGoMetro is a dynamic innovation, the first of its kind in South Africa, that provides real-time public transport information to commuters. South AfricaJooist is a social gaming network for mobile phones. Jooist enables users to discover games, play with friends, compare scores, share achievements and a whole lot more. KenyaKARIBU Solar Power is an innovative solar social enterprise that makes high quality solar power affordable. TanzaniaM-Duka is an online platform that allows consumers to purchase virtual products and services on the GO using an internet enabled device such as a mobile phone, PC or POS. UgandaNext Level is an engineering start-up specialized in developing electronic manufacturing execution systems. MoroccoNotafy is set to revolutionise the way corporates communicate with their customers via mobile phone. South AfricaObami connects educators, learners, parents, businesses, NGO’s and governments. South AfricaOTGPlaya is an affordable platform solution that brings “accessibility” to critically underserved sectors. NigeriaRAMP is a new innovative web app developed to simplify the management process of Resident Associations in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. NigeriaRemoteCycle is the Recurly of the emerging markets; the software as a service provides recurring billing and payment management for subscription-based companies in East Africa and India. KenyaSave & Buy is a web and mobile platform that enables anyone save towards any item they desire in an easy to use, fun and safe environment. NigeriaSky Energy is a renewable energy company with a focus on solar technology. ZimbabweSleepOut is the region’s most comprehensive booking engine featuring 1,000+ options, listing all accommodation from beach huts to house rentals and all-inclusive resorts. is a new social recruiting platform built on top of automatic data integration from multiple social networks, to facilitate the recruiting process for both job-seekers and recruiters. EgyptSpyros Entertainment is a video gaming studio specialized in mobile games, providing hardcore gamers with midcore games that fit the experience they used to get on their consoles. EgyptSstream-TV is a content aggregator and distributor via a streaming platform across the African continent and focused on Southern Africa. South AfricaTeranga Hospitality Suite is a suite of Web and Mobile Applications for hospitality professionals in Africa. SenegalUBONGO is a Tanzanian social enterprise that creates engaging and locally relevant multimedia content for learners in Africa. TanzaniaViViFi provides touch sticker technology is a new human-object interface that is capable of transforming all non-conductive surfaces with limited thickness (wood, glass, etc.) into touch sensors or screens. EgyptWireles Mobile Phone Charger charges as you walk: you generate pressure that in turn generates energy. Once you have arrived you can sit down and charge your mobile phone. KenyaXtendevent (formerly known as is an online platform that integrates virtual conferences and exhibitions, social media-styled business networking and e-commerce enabled trading.South AfricaZehoo is the next step of technological innovation in the cloud storage industry, which simplifies document storage services in ways unseen in the market. South AfricaCredit: VentureBurnlast_img read more