first_imgApparently over 100 billion coins have been collected worldwide by players of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and this number is set to increase in a couple of days time as Coin Rush DLC will be hitting the Nintendo eShop for 3DS on October 4.Three new packs will be added to the already available Coin Rush mode. The current Coin Rush mode allows players to play three different levels at random and collect as many coins as they can, going as fast as they can. Passing checkpoints gives you more time and however you choose to collect the coins is up to you. It’s basically a great way to bring in some competition into New Super Mario Bros. 2.The DLC will offer brand new levels, but will play the same three levels in the same order every time so you know what’s coming, allowing you to get even bigger and better scores as well as making the competition between players much more balanced.The three DLC packs launching in two days time include the Gold Rush Pack which includes some new courses, the Coin Challenge Pack A which sees the New Super Mario Bros. 2 website track rankings on this particular pack so players from all over the world can see how good, or bad, you are at Coin Rush. Finally, the Nerve-Wrack Pack will contain more difficult courses for veteran players of Super Mario, providing new challenges for players who think they’ve done it all.At $2.50 each, the add-on packs are pretty reasonable and there will be more of them coming at the end of October and November. So plenty of reasons to keep playing, then.last_img

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