first_imgThe fight between Google Wallet and ISIS has plagued the mobile payment landscape for some time now. Verizon Wireless won’t allow Google Wallet on any of their device, and there was a time where AT&T was going so far as to disable NFC on phones to stop them from using Google Wallet at all. It all boils down to which company gets to be the one to handle the mobile transaction, and the fractions of pennies that are earned with each transaction.ISIS has been kind of an odd organization for Google to fight with, since they don’t even have a competitive product to offer consumers. That is, until October 22 when the ISIS pilot program starts.Both Salt Lake City and Austin T-Mobile stores are being prepped for the an ISIS pilot program. The stores will receive special SIM cards that have the NFC circuitry embedded in the plastic. Currently, ISIS is only designed to work with the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, and Relay 4G devices. These phones will be able to use the ISIS app, which will be available in the Google Play Store, to complete transactions. It has been made clear that ISIS will not support rooted phones, but there’s yet to be any documentation on how ISIS plans to enforce this.Having an NFC SIM card is a great idea if it grants you access to ISIS, but there are still a lot of questions regarding the limitation of these SIM cards over having NFC hard wired into a phone. If a phone has the ability to use NFC through the SIM, will that also mean the phone can perform the same simple tasks that a phone with hard wired NFC can? We know that the Galaxy S3 has NFC built in, but also has a micro SIM, so it seems likely that the phone will not require a special SIM in order to access ISIS Wallet.ISIS was not available for comment when asked how long the Pilot program would be, or what the expansion plan for ISIS is. T-Mobile is so far the only company that is known to be publicly testing ISIS on their network, though we know that Verizon Wireless and AT&T are both ISIS partners. A public pilot is a great step in the right direction, hopefully moving quickly so everyone can take advantage of NFC payment systems.via Tmonewslast_img

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