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Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen — who holds secrets about many of the president’s personal and financial dealings — is in the crosshairs.C. a major donor to the country Unfortunately Birx says some other PEPFAR “focus countries” have fallen short of the mark (see graph below) which ultimately calls for viral suppression in 73% of infected people (Multiply 90% times three) Scarce successes If the 90-90-90 target is hit 73% of infected adults will have undetectable levels of HIV in their blood Of the 10 countries show here that have received substantial funding from the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief only two have reached the goal The bars indicate percent with undetectable HIV Namibia *formerly Swaziland 77 73 68 68 60 60 59 52 45 40 eSwatini* Malawi Lesotho Zimbabwe Uganda Zambia Tanzania Cameroon Cte dIvoire 2018 2018 2017 2016 2017 2016 2016 2016 2017 2018 US PRESIDENT’S EMERGNCY PLAN FOR AIDS RELIEF ADAPTED BY N DESAI/SCIENCE Neighboring Botswana another major PEPFAR recipient also has solid evidence that large-scale viral suppression curbs spread In one of the largest studies to evaluate treatment as prevention the Botswana Combination Prevention Project compared 15 communities in which every infected person received treatment immediately with 15 others where they received treatment only after there was evidence of immune damage the standard of care when the study began in 2013 (Botswana began to treat everyone in 2016) Each group had more than 4000 infected people and fewer new infections occurred in the aggressively treated arm—57 versus 90 a 30% drop reported Moeketsi Joseph Makhema from the Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership in Gaborone Another study showed that fully suppressing HIV with drugs virtually eliminates the risk of transmission Epidemiologist Alison Rodger of University College London and colleagues followed 783 gay couples in which only one partner was infected at the outset The men reported 76991 instances of anal sex without a condom yet only 15 of them became infected Genome analysis of their newly acquired viruses indicated that in every case the men had become infected through sex with someone other than the treated partner If the infected partner is on treatment “You’d have to have condomless sex for 419 years to have even one transmission” Rodger said Powerful as treatment is at preventing spread epidemiologist Peter Piot head of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine stressed that it can only work if countries and donors meet the huge challenge of keeping tens of millions of people on lifelong treatment AIDS won’t truly end until there’s a vaccine he said and in the meantime the epidemic could rebound “International solidarity and funding will be necessary for decades to come Let’s not fool ourselves” Two of the biggest players in the telecom industry faced off against a public interest group a trade group and a satellite company at a Senate hearing Wednesday in a debate that will help set the stage for upcoming battles over the future of broadband television and streaming video The hearing comes just as federal regulators are staffing up to review two mammoth mergers: One between Comcast and Time Warner Cable and another between AT&T and DirecTV To some degree the hearing was only ceremonial: Congress won’t have any direct say over whether federal regulators approve or deny the mergers But political winds in Washington can affect regulators’ moods and the back-and-forth gave members of the Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation a chance to publicly speak their minds on the mergers While the discussion at the hearing was unflaggingly respectful it touched just below the surface on what has become a fiercely ideological war with regard to the future of TV with each side presenting a vision incompatible with the other’s Comcast and AT&T argued that massive consolidation in the telecom industry is good for consumers good for innovation and good for the free market They warned that if the government does not allow the mergers to go through incumbent telecom companies would no longer be able to invest in basic Internet infrastructure leaving consumers to pay more for fewer Internet and TV options Representatives from advocacy group Public Knowledge a TV writers guild and satellite TV company Dish made the opposite case They said that recent consolidation in the telecom industry has been terrible for consumers driven up prices and driven down the quality of customer service They also said the lack of competition has squashed innovation and investment in broadband infrastructure At the center of the discussion was Americans shifting TV-viewing habits When Americans want to watch TV they’re increasingly bypassing traditional set-top boxes instead opting for their smartphones tablets and laptops Online video consumption grew by 71% in the US between 2012 and 2013 according to Nielsen That trend has been the driving force behind skyrocketing broadband subscriptionsa major cash cow for cable companies and for telecom companies that offer services faster than DSL AT&Ts revenue from its U-Verse high-speed broadband business was up 29% from last year according to a recent quarterly report for example Comcast which already has more than 21 million broadband subscribers says the broadband business is one of its fastest-growing offerings That so many Americans are streaming more video online has also made online TV and video content companies like Netflix YouTube and Vimeo fundamentally dependent on telecom companies’ pipes to reach customers Public Knowledges Gene Kimmelman argued that no online video streaming company can exist without going through broadband providers like AT&T and Comcast whose services are necessary to deliver streaming content to consumers That sets up a potential problem as Comcast could be incentivized not to carry Netflix or YouTube content as quickly as its own video offerings (Comcast owns NBCUniversal a major content production company) "Everyone who wants to make the online video system works needs to make a deal with Comcast" he said Also addressed during the hearing was many Americans frustration at having to pay large bills for pay-TVbills that have risen faster than inflationto receive hundreds of channels The non-profit consumers rights group Consumers Union has said that at least two-thirds of pay-TV customers [PDF] would prefer to pay less for a handful of programs that they actually watch The disconnect between these two methodsknown as "bundling" versus "a al carte"is at the heart of the future of online video "The younger generation doesnt want to spend $120 for 500 channels" said Jeffrey Blum a senior vice president of Dish the second-largest satellite company in the country after DirecTV But fixing the problem he said requires going up against incumbent telecom companies like Comcast AT&T and Verizon which rely on bundling to underwrite their pay TV services and would lose out if most Americans simply cut their pay-TV bill and began streaming shows online Popular networks like ESPN would also lose out; in the current system the telecom companies pay them large fees to redistribute their content Still Blum said there is already “too much power in the hands of too few” in the broadband space A combined Comcast-Time Warner Cable “will have the incentive and ability to stifle competition” he said Both Cohen and AT&Ts senior executive VP John Stankey dismissed concerns about anticompetitive behavior In previous testimony before Congress Comcasts executive VP David Cohen has said that the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable will not affect competition since the companies do not currently compete in any geographic region and that Comcast has “only to gain” from more people streaming video online The more demand there is for online video “the more demand there is for our broadband service” he said at a previous hearing In February Comcast made a bid to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion; in May AT&Ts bid for DirecTV was worth $485 billion Neither deal has yet to pass regulatory muster Both Cohen and Stankey also reiterated their companies’ commitment to the Federal Communication Commission’s now-defunct rules on “net neutrality” the notion that broadband providers treat all content that passes over their pipes equally While both expressed their opposition to some public interest groups’ hopes that the telecom industry would be recategorized as a “Title II” industry giving the FCC much more regulatory control over broadband they said they supported the FCC’s newly proposed net neutrality rules Those rules have come under fire because they allow broadband companies to redirect some content to a “fast lane” while relegating most content to a slower regular lane Cohen said that while he “didn’t understand” what “fast lanes and slow lanes” even were he said it was a non-issue “We dont have any” he said “We dont have any plans to develop any” Contact us at editors@timecom Stoke manager Mark Hughes was enraged by Lanzini’s antics, In particular.

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